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Mark Roberts Santa With Toys 25″


Toys Christmas Santa is dressed in a nice dark red red cloak in a nice fabric with white edges in artificial fur.?The cloak is decorated with toys, teddy bears, musical instruments, packages, candy, spruce, crispy and red berries.?
The sleeves on the cap are very special and look like a kind of pillow case.?Around the wrist is the fabric green with a little gold on.?Then a patterned fabric and a little white artificial fur before the rest of the sleeve pass into the same red fabric as the rest of the coat.?
Santa’s trousers are red in the same quality of fabric as the coat and with a white scalloped edge down at the black boots with gold string straps.
Under the hood, Toy Santa has a vest in the same fabric and color and style as on the sleeves.?The center of the west is closed with a gold button with a red stone and underneath the stone is a beautiful white broom.?
The house is also a chapter by itself and not a typical red Santa’s house.?The starter is cylindrical in striped fabric, and it looks like a drum, after which there is a more traditional nissehue finished with a sparkling spruce and fir and crispy fir.?
Of course, this Mark Roberts Santa Claus has a real Christmas expression with a big white beard and white eyebrows.?Behind the gold-engraved glasses you can see the clear expressive eyes.?

Mark Roberts Spirit of Hope Fairy MD 17 Inch


Medium Size: 16.5 inches. A minimum of $5.50 for each medium size Spirit of Hope Fairy will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by Mark Roberts. Mark Roberts Fairies Limited Edition Christmas Collection. Christmas Decorations and Holiday Decor by Mark Roberts.

Mark Roberts Who Stole Christmas Fairy 9.5″


Who Stole the Christmas Fairy?Mark Roberts Christmas Collectible is absolutely ?gorgeous standing 24cm high. His clothes are trimmed in white fur which matches his beard. The red jacket and hat compliment his dashing pants and green boots.

Another delightful Limited Edition collectible very suitable as a gift.