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Canvas Utility Bag Men have finally embraced both the functional character and the fashionable dimension that carrying a bag adds to an outfit or outerwear. They’re replacing bursting pockets to slick…



This chow chow jewelry box is finished with a shiny enamel and covered in shiny Swarovsky Austrian crystals. Includes a mini-chow necklace with 18 in. chain hidden inside.

Jewelry box measures 2″ H x 2.5″ W x 1.5″ D



Distressed Leather And Canvas City Knap Outstanding men’s oversized knapsack with Distressed leather and canvas finishing Oversized with top leather flap Zip front pocket Leather handle or shoulder straps for easy…

Duke Sheltie Trinket Box with Crystals and Necklace


This is Duke Sheltie with a miniature Sheltie pendant is just for you displayed as a beautiful trinket box adorned with Austrian Crystals.
The trinket box measures approximately 2.75″ tall x 3.0″ wide x 1.5″ deep with a hinged opening and secure magnetic closure. The box is made of pewter and hand painted in pearlized enamel. The interior of the box is finished with glossy enamel.
This is a beautiful piece of quality art that would make a wonderful gift appreciated by anyone who loves Shelties or to keep on display in your home. The item comes with a satin lined gift box ready for gift giving. Included is a beautiful 20″ gold finished necklace with a cute little Sheltie similar to the trinket box.


?Mad Man Shoe Shine Kit Mad Man Shoe Shine Kit A handsome designed kit for the man that truly appreciates an incredible pair of shoes. Perfect for travel or home Includes…

Mark Roberts Birthday Party Elf – 23″


Mark Roberts Birthday Party Elf, MD 24″ 2013. Mark Roberts pieces are handcrafted and painted by skilled artisans. Each ELF is wired to allow changing the pose. The ELF are numbered and come boxed with a certificate of authenticity.