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Ironwood Antelope

The Kudu is renowned as one of the most popularly hunted Antelopes in Africa. This artists’ skilled hand is seen in the details and the unique posture created in this art piece.

Ironwood Elephant

Hand carved by Dumisani Tshili. This large size of this single wood carving leads to the exclusivity of this piece. The accomplished artist shows his mastery of wildlife in this unique Ironwood Elephant. Notice the proportions and detail in the skin and ears. Renown for capturing the essence of animals. The artist has really truly created a master piece.

Ironwood Giraffe Family Carving

This piece of ironwood was hand carved by E. Zengeni. The artist from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is recognized for his ability to capture the physique and gentle nature of the native giraffe. His ability to capture wildlife scenery in a single piece of ironwood is remarkable. The artists’ mastery of detail and knowledge of animal physiology makes this an extraordinary piece.

Ironwood Sable Carving

Hand carved the Stewart Khoza in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, The artist was born in Lupane Zimbabwe in 1955. Known as one of the top Ironwood carvers, Mr. Khoza provides one of a kind pieces that are impressive to any art lover. This unique piece is from a native Zimbabwean tree stump and has a natural hollow center. The artist is applauded for his attention to detail and accuracy of this single solid piece of wood.

Ironwood Warthog Family

Hand carved by Petros Gumbo in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Mr. Gumbo specialized in native Zimbabwean animal carvings. The artists attention to detail in this warthog in motion is evident in this piece.

Large Opal Stone Elephant

Hand carved and signed by artist Boniface of Harare, Zimbabwe. This natural stone piece beautifully embodies the unique essence of elephants. The artists use of both natural and polished stone shows his impressive mastery of stonework.

Verdite Giraffe Group

This exquisite sculpture is made from Verdite stone, found only in Zimbabwe, Zambia ?and South Africa. This increasingly rare stone usually comes in green with inclusions of blues, golds, browns, and reds. ?Verdite occurs amongst the oldest rocks in the world dating back 3500 million years. The artists ability to hand carve the intricacies of this difficult stone shows his mastery of the stone arts. ?The thin carving of the neck and legs are truly magnificent. Once the carving was complete and polished the artist took the additional steps to create the rosettes of the animals skin features. The time consuming steps taken by this master artist is admirably appreciated in this piece.